State of serenity

Locations on show: &Other Stories, Madeleine, London. UCA Farnham Library, Surrey.
Subjects on show: Georgina. Madalina, Cinsy.
Camera used: Hasselblad 500c with a 50mm lens.
Film type: Kodak Portra 400.

A reconstruction of an artists routine during the last stages of education. State of Serenity was created as a form of documenting my day-to-day duties. The routine of these photographs have been captured in a way that shows women in the process waking up, getting ready, seeing and believing. 

These portraits represent young girls living their lives, a reflection of my own as I indulge myself with a type of freedom that is acceptable as an artist. Portraying duties such as sleeping in, going for long walks and spending hours swaying through a variety coffee shops. The lifestyle I pursue as a young artist is slow paced, I am lost in thought where time is relevant, peacefulness and perfection clarify my routine.

The time consumerism is one of the luxuries of film, by creating constructed documentation and developing this series reflects back onto my own use of an using analogue camera. The soft, delicate tones intimates a series of femininity, it entitles my response to serenity, the freedom of being a young artist.

This series has been made into a book as a combination of image and text, available on request.
hand bound with mount card, waxed thread, watercolour and typewritten calligraphy. A total of twenty three pages containing fourteen photographs.