seascape poems

Locations on show: Thorpe Bay Beach, Southend on Sea, Essex.
Camera used: Hasselblad 500c with a 50mm lens.
Film type: Ilford FP4 400.
                      Kodak Ektar 100.

fig. 1

here we would play
under the beams
away from our parents
hiding in the shadows

fig. 2

boats scatter among the horizon
stuck in time
abandoned by the sea
and yet
the can only wait
for the presence of the waves
to pull them back into place

fig. 4

great black waves
plunge deep into the sea
they can not sleep
but only crash louder
from the sounds that will not escape

fig. 6

tidal waves part
as the currents sinks away
we are left
with the remnants
from the sea

original prints mixed media: darkroom developed photographs, water colour paper and typewritten typography.