portraits of gentlemen's backs

Locations on show: Farnham, Surrey.
Subjects on show: unknown.
Camera used: Hasselblad 500c with a 50mm lens.
Film type: Ilford HP5 Plus, XP2 and Delta 400.

The viewer has a tendency to believe the facts spoken by an artist, a subconscious idea of truth is planted inside the mind. As an artist such as a photographer, a piece of work exhibited on a wall of a gallery would not be questioned by the viewer if it was an act of falsify the reality.

This short series is based on my vision and knowledge of creating a piece of work that has the ability of representing the truth through facts. Surveying the role of Gentlemen I have constructed a documentation of men during their day to day life.

Influenced by contemporary artist, Christian Boltanski upon reading one of his quotes: "I have found so many false memories, that were considered collective memory". Boltanski has enabled myself to plant moments of reality through image and text, I have collected enhanced truth and facts that have been adapted to reality. 

This series has been made into a book as a combination of image and text, available on request.
hand bound with waxed thread. A total of sixteen pages containing seven photographs.