onwards and upwards

a new weekend of escapism and another week of 14 hour days. I can feel myself running through the city, keeping my head high and searching for my line. I finally feel loved by all these beautiful people but I can't appreciate it until i find my ground. I am indecisive about the fleeting moments i find myself in, feeling rushed by crisis's that are not my own. How do I continue to strive towards my goals without getting caught up in the sacrifices that don't define us?

home in Occitanie

My getaway from the city lies in the hills of the midi-pyrénées, Occitanie as they call it now. I admit I find it hard to not miss my mama living a short train ride away, but in a way I believe everything is working out for the best of us. I just want my closest loved ones to feel alive and free, and if happiness happens to be set in France, so be it.

Occitanie self portraits 2017



my new bedroom is a another project for me, after interning at one of my favourite interior magazines last year I should have this covered. so I convinced my boyfriend to help me paint the walls on the hottest day of the year, after two layers of white paint slapped on a wall (and a half!) we headed up the road towards Carters steam fair. I heard beautiful things about their hand painted signs and it was spectacular. If the residents were removed from the scene I would not doubt that these set ups are timeless. 

the summer of le shindig.

There is nothing like finding an old roll of exposed film, the anticipation of discovering what it was once used for. Today I am faced with rewinding back to last May, struck by the sunshine and smell of burritos - I almost forgot how exciting it was to sporadically plan a Shindig with my photo pals. Mannequin limbs and street furniture were askew on the grass, a homemade bar served the strongest of fruit cocktails and only the best musicians and DJ's of Farnham were on the flyer.


le GruffTsar 's shindig set.