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    by rico boy

Exhibitions and Features

Feature: Liberty Dye on Curated by Girls,  July 2017.
Nomination: Magnum Photos Graduate photography award 2017.
Feature: Liberty Dye via Photograd, London.
Liberty Dye via Fleur and Arbor, London.
GIRL TOWN: Shutter Hub & The OGC for Photo Month, London.
Lens on: Liberty Dye via Wonderland Magazine, London.
Lightbox Gallery, Surrey.
Farnham Maltings, Surrey.
Japanese Fudge Magazine, Tokyo.
Lu Flux Clothing, London.
Echo Newspaper, Essex.

digital published articles

In Pictures at Wallpaper* Magazine.
(writings vary from 1 November 2016 - 26 January 2017)
Story Coffee via London's Best Coffee at British GQ.


Capturing a series of constructed documentation, Liberty explores the depths and values in places of familiar nostalgia by reaching out to new boundaries. Liberty has developed her own style by focusing on the simplicity and textures in garments and interior decor. Her practice portrays a personal attachment with detail in her photographic work and the refinement from analogue medium format.

Liberty Dye is a recent graduate of University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, where in 2016 she received a 1st class honours degree in Photography. Among working as a production assistant to photographer Laura Pannack and interned at Wallpaper*, British GQ and Francesca Maffeo Gallery, Liberty is currently working as an archivist to British photographer Jane Hilton and as an agent assistant at Kiosk.

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